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Different Ways to Take Weed

The methods of consuming weed will depend on the use either for medical purposes or for recreational use. The three basic delivery methods include; oral, inhalation, and topical. The most important thing is to understand your options and choose the suitable method for you. After weed is harvested from hush weed, there are different ways to consume it as explained below:


Smoking is the ancient way of consuming marijuana. Smokers have a variety of devices to use from hand pipes, water pipes, rolling papers, and hookahs. Hand pipes are widely used and are available in different styles for both decoration and functionality. They trap the smoke produced from burning cannabis, which then the user inhales.

When smoking using water pipes, the water is supposed to cool the smoke. Using rolling papers is the most direct way of smoking weed. Cannabis rolled in specific papers is referred to as joints while blunts are cannabis rolled in cigar paper made from tobacco plant which also contains nicotine.


This is a more modern way of consuming cannabis. It involves infusing liquids with THC or CBD to make sprays that users spray under the tongue or with a quick spritz. The spray is usually mixed with neutral oil or essential oils, stored in a bottle that comes with an applicator. There are three main types of cannabis sprays namely; Sativex, drift, and gold mist.

This method is recommended to those who use cannabis for medical purposes to avoid the harmful effects of smoking. Cannabis sprays are also used in places where the use of cannabis is still illegal, they are difficult to detect. Users say it gives a smooth and discrete high. The sprays have different flavors for the users to choose from.

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Vaporization is preferred by many cannabis consumers because of a health-conscious way of using cannabis. It eliminates the risks associated with smoking as there is a significant reduction in odor. The vaporizer heats herbs to a high temperature that can extract CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Most vaporizers take in cannabis concentrates which are in form of oil and wax. Depending on the design of the vaporizer, they can be added manually or by the use of cartridges. To allow flower vaporization, the vaporizer has a higher heating element and a more sophisticated design.


This refers to any food that has cannabis, whether or not cannabinoids are bioavailable. Both eating and drinking cannabis cause effects because they enter into the bloodstream like smoking and vaping.

The edibles are likely to cause longer and powerful psychoactive effects in the body. Infused foods and drinks can be made in different ways. The most common infused ingredient is fat such as olive oil and butter, which is extracted from the cannabis plant.…